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Guillaume P.

Devops Solution Architect

18 years
Orleans, FRANCE
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Why I'm Top 5%

  • Superior technical skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 18 years of industry experience
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My experience


RevSquareJanuary 2011 - Present

CTO within a digital agency providing content-related solutions and services: strategy, design, content types, technology, marketing, OTT. Their mission is to help companies and non-profit organizations to promote their brands through content.
  • Supervising more than 200 technical projects.
  • Focusing on technologies, codes, re-usability, general technical standards.
  • Technical team management, mentoring and recruiting (network of about more than 200 developers or engineers).
  • Architecture: technologies stack, infrastructure, security, SEO, data storage.
  • Big data and machine learning consulting.
  • Management of the infrastructure's development.
  • Hosting and monitoring offer: including provisioning, continuous integration and deployment, virtualization and automated scaling.
  • Supervising, coaching and consulting on the workflow and practices development : Scrum, Kanban, custom agile framework, XP.

Studyrama VocatisJune 2010 - March 2011

Lead Developer / Architect within a company reinforcing the match between the training of individuals and the world of work, placing the notion of vocation at the heart of its identity.
  • Creation of a CMS in order to rebuild all the websites of the company on a same application basis.
  • Training of the employed team to usage of modern tools and processes (usage of SVN, deployment process, OO code usage, continuous integration server usage, unit and functional testing).

LG FranceJanuary 2010 - June 2010

Architect, Analyst and Team Leader for the creation of an administration and management platform of stocks and products for the French subsidiary of the Electronic group LG.
  • Defining the architecture and development pipeline.
  • Development of the application core.
  • Security overview.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Creating and supervising automated tests.

Lesaffaires.comJune 2009 - December 2009

Lead Developer / Architect for a French-language bi-monthly newspaper publishing 28 issues per year.
  • Effective planning, testing, implementation and administration of interactive technologies, websites, applications and social media platforms.
  • Creating, maintaining and updating internally and externally built websites, mobile and social media apps.
  • Maintaining effective working relationships with internal personnel and external agency partners.

Itsmynews.comJune 2006 - June 2009

Head of product development within a company improving their interface and providing additional services to facilitate navigating the information overload.
  • Originate new products in concert with customer needs and business model.
  • Selecting correct design concepts and fundamental technology used for new products or improvement for existing ones.
  • Overseeing key projects, processes and performance reports, data and analysis.
  • Development and implementation of methods and procedures for monitoring projects such as preparation of records of expenditures and research findings, progress reports, and staff conferences, in order to inform management of current status of each project.
  • Negotiating contracts with consulting firms to perform research or other applicable studies or support.

MediapostJanuary 2009 - May 2009

Lead Developer within an integrated publishing and conference company whose mission is to provide a complete array of resources for media, marketing and advertising professionals.
  • Managing the delivery of multiple complex simultaneous system development projects from design through to release.
  • Capable of understanding and contributing to the technical solution from design through to code level.
  • Working closely with the Development Project Managers and Business Analysts to produce accurate delivery estimates and manage the transition from analysis through to design and delivery.
  • Providing regular and effective progress updates and work closely with the Development Project Managers to ensure the management of any delivery risks or issues.

Pinkmafia.frApril 2008 - November 2008

Lead Developer within a multi-blog platform designed for women audience for a French press group.
  • Designing the new platform's architecture.
  • Technical management of a team of 2 developers.
  • Development of the core of the application.
  • Setup and management of the development pipeline.
  • Performance optimization.

CURRIKI.ORGApril 2007 - March 2008

Lead Front-End Developer of an educational assets and course sharing platform for education professionals. The website was multilingual and international and was overviewed using Sun Microsystems.
  • Responsible for the front-end technologies.
  • Development of front-end assets in a JAVA GWT environment.

Musiciendailleurs.comFebruary 2005 - July 2006

CEO, Developer of a website providing resources for interprets of world and traditional music: directory, search engine, ads, concerts promotion.
  • Founder and manager of the company.
  • Designing the platform's architecture.
  • Back-end and front-end development of the entire application.
  • Hosting management.
  • SEO, security and optimization.

VelomagazineApril 2006 - April 2006

Front-End Developer of the digital version of a sports magazine dedicated to bicycles and bicycle races.
  • Development of the front-end templates.
  • Development of front-end animations and sounds.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Anthropology, University of Paris X Nanterre.2005 - 2006

Master's Degree in History, University of Paris IV Sorbonne.1998 - 1999